Monday, May 7, 2007

Causes Of Disability: Arthritis

Always keep a regular check on your body, because any deviationcan lead to temporary or permanent disability. One of the commondiseases that people are suffering from in the world today isarthritis. It occurs both in the old and the young, though theprobability remains high in the elder people. It is also knownto be a cause of disability with many people who are 65 andabove. Therefore, if you feel any symptoms of arthritis in yourbody, immediately consult a good medical practitioner, who willguide you through this situation. Arthritis is a condition in which there occurs inflammation inthe joints of the bones. With due course of time, inflammationstarts spreading and affects all the other nearby joints. Thisinflammation is accompanied by swelling and moderate to acutepain in the limbs. If these symptoms are not administered intime, the condition aggravates, leading to disability. The formof disability that crops up is the inability to move withcomfort. And with age, the person becomes completely bedridden. There can be many reasons that can be attributed for arthritisas there are many types of arthritis affecting the differentjoints. The most common outcome of arthritis is acute pain withless mobility. Thus, it becomes important for you to bring downyour arthritis suffering as soon as possible and thereby avoiddisability. With revolutionized research in the field ofmedical science, several therapies have come up at yourdisposal that surely gives you relief from arthritis. Of them the most effective and the newest in the line is watertherapy. This therapy involves treatment with the help ofaerobic exercises. And all this happens while your body isimmersed in a swimming pool. Strange, isn't it? The reasonbehind this is very simple. The pain that comes along witharthritis will not allow exercising comfortably. But whilebeing in water, the water pressure compensates the weight ofyour body. Therefore, you are in a position to exercise withease. Besides this, the contemporary method remains the use of drugsand prescribed medication to do away with arthritis and relateddisability. This is the last option when the pain becomesunbearable for you and you realize that slowly and steadily youare being pushed into the ambit of disability. So, consult agood physician who will recommend you a set of appropriatemedicines that will help you fight disability due to arthritis. Another common and very old method in relieving arthritis isheat therapy. Heat treatment involves infra red rays for theafflicted joints. This is predominantly a new age method. Theold methods include the use of hot water bottles and the pipcushions. This is a miraculous treatment available forarthritis.About The Author: To get more information visit,

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