Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How To Build Muscle Fast And Naturally

Optimum Anabolics, by fitness guru Jeff Anderson, is amuscle-building program that teaches you how to build musclefast with a unique approach to weightlifting and healthy eating- in fact, some people say his secrets are borderlinecontroversial because they go against what most gurus tell youto do - but they work. How does Optimum Anabolics work? It teaches you how to cycle certain weight lifting exercises,using a specific pattern of reps and weight. On top of that, italso teaches you a specific way to cycle the carbs and proteinyou eat to help fuel muscle growth. These two things combinedput your body into a state where your anabolic hormones - liketestosterone and growth hormones - are maximized resulting intofast muscle growth. ...and it's all done naturally with no illegal drugs orquestionable nutritional supplements. Some of secrets Optimum Anabolics will reveal include: * The hidden formula for "tricking" your muscles into growingfar beyond their genetic limits. * The 8 anabolic factors that must be addressed if you want topack on new muscle. * Why you should never follow the "lift big to get big"philosophy. * The 3 repetition principles that separate the men from theboys. * An unbelievable trick that guarantees you'll get the mostmuscle stimulation from every single repetition. It's all laid out for you in this eBook like a blueprint - youreceive a guide that teaches you the secrets of muscle growthand you receive a second guide that gives you the specificworkouts to do and the diet to eat. I guess this can be anegative if you don't follow instructions very well, but evenif you don't, the two guides give you an excellent startingpoint to creating your own weight lifting routine. So if you're looking to build muscle fast, why do we recommendtrying Optimum Anabolics? Because you won't find another weight lifting program like it.It's unique and proven...and it's all laid out for so you don'thave to think about what to do - just follow the guides. Theprogram attacks muscle growth from 2 angles - exercise andnutrition - and this combination is extremely synergistic. The result is muscle growth you've most likely neverexperienced before.About The Author: If you're looking to build muscle fast, youshould consider trying the Optimum Anabolics muscle-buildingprogram:http://www.weightloss-programs-reviewed.com/optimumanabolics3.html


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